Wednesday, September 24, 2014

HM Training Week Three Recap

Week 3 of half marathon has come and gone and I am pretty happy with how it went, even after having to make adjustments to make the training schedule fit my life schedule. And knowing me, and knowing I have two travel weeks for weeks 5 and 6, this will be a normal occurrence (switching things around) when all is said and done.  But that is life. Plus, who doesn’t adapt their training plan to fit their schedule? I would like to meet this person.

Anywho, here is last week’s plan and results.

5 miles (3 @ HMP 11:27) on Wednesday – total time 57:37 and an average pace of 11:31. The 3 miles @HMP were as follows: 11:24, 11:08, and 11:05 J

3 miles on Thursday @ 12:47 pace (this was supposed to be Monday’s scheduled run) - total time 38:23 and an average pace of 12:40

2 miles on Friday @ 12:47 pace – total time 25:18 and an average pace of 12:37

10 miles on Saturday @ 12:47 pace – total time 2:05:37 and an average pace of 12:33. This run was absolutely what I needed to get me feeling confident about the half in 6+ weeks. This training plan calls for four 10 mile runs and one 13 mile run and I think that is a good thing. For me, especially at this pace, the more longer the runs better. Mentally and physically.

And in case you were wondering, after I came home from the 10 miler I had a recovery drink, stretched and sat in an ice bath for 15 minutes. Afterwards I put on some compression socks and had some breakfast. The rest of the day included house work and cooking, a (much needed) massage, and a short road trip to see E’s family. I woke up Sunday and felt great. I had no residual muscle soreness on Sunday or Monday and I think that had to do with the ice bath, the massage, and the fact that I didn’t sit too much on Saturday.

This week I have another 10 miler on tap and will follow it up, again, with an ice bath. I will be sure to keep you posted on how my recovery is after this next long run as well.

Week 4 Schedule

Totally stole this from Run Eat Repeat

Monday 3 miles @ 12:47 pace

Wednesday 6 miles (4 @ HMP 11:27)

Friday 2 miles @ 12:47 pace

Saturday 10 miles @ 12:47 pace

Now, since I am the worst when it comes to blogging in a timely fashion I am posting my week four schedule having already completed two of the four scheduled runs. But I think this week I will hold off on giving my results and save them all for next week’s recap.

Or, of course, you can just go to the blog FB page and check them out now. I usually post about each day’s training run. Exciting, I know. Ha!

And so you know, I just do this to help keep myself accountable and document my progress (and any struggles) for recording purposes.  I am fully aware how boring these posts must be to read so thanks for toughing it out.

I am hoping this week to get in a couple non-running/training related posts as well. Fingers crossed.

Love and hugs,