Saturday, April 19, 2014

MDHLC- Week 6

This challenge has been a real eye-opener for me. 

Some days, most days it seems, I feel like I can't hit the goals I have set for myself, even if they are 'small'. And it can be discouraging.

This past week I did really great with my first two goals; whole foods and hydration. I only ate out twice; once for lunch and the dinner out last night for a date with E. I made all our other meals at home. We had super yummy, very healthy dinners every night and I started each day with a big green smoothie and had a Hugh Jass salad for lunch. Lots of fruits and veggies, most of them raw. I was very happy about that.

I stuck to my water and tea only during the week. No beer (until Friday night) and no coffee- but I will have some this morning. This goal was hit 100% so I am happy about that.

However, I sucked at activity this week. I only made it to the gym twice. And with only two days remaining I am just past halfway of my step goal. What happened? Well, I worked late Monday and Wednesday so no gym those days. And by late I mean I stayed a couple hours after, left to go eat dinner, then worked for a few hours more after that. 

It's been a long week. And super crazy as we implemented a big portion of a new ERP system Monday. I was pretty much attached to my desk all day long. Very little walking unless I had to walk to a meeting. It sucked. Every night my entire body was stuff and sore from sitting for so long. Ugh! Thankfully the two workouts I did get in kicked my ass... I made sure of it. I knew activity was going to be my biggest challenge this week and it was.

Mindfulness was also somewhat of a bust this week, too. I was really mindful when it came to eating so that's a win but when it came to taking care of myself; movement, relaxing, thoughtful actions- well I was all over the place on this one too.

So I got to thinking- ok, so maybe this week wasn't perfect. I was great on two goals and so-so on the other two. Does this mean that I need to change my goals? Lower my expectations?


It means I need to just try a bit harder. And yes, some times that's not possible. Some weeks doing that absolute best I can will still have me falling short but you know what? I'll take 75% successful over 0% successful any day!

I am almost 100% certain that I have not had a week so far where I reached 100% of the goals I set. BUT I can say with 100% certainty that I TRIED every single week. And that is what really is important. 

I don't know what I was thinking creating a challenge during the most hectic time at work, ever, and weeks of traveling BUT I am so glad I did because without this I would have no focus, no attention to what was happening in my life. So for me, I can honestly say, that even though I 'failed' every week I am still 'winning'.

So for week 6 my challenge is this: 

Don't lower the bar- set the bar where you truly challenge yourself and push a bit harder to reach it. 

For me this is WHAM 2.0

I need to keep my focus on whole foods and hydration while increasing my activity and mindfulness. I need more movement and less stress.

This week all goals are the same except I am switching gym workouts from 4 to 3 because I know that is all I can get in based off my schedule - and that will still be a challenge. 

Week 6 is going to be awesome, no matter what!

Are you with me???

Love and hugs,