Friday, April 11, 2014

MDHLC: Week Five

So…week four, our re-do week, is almost over. I was in such a desperate state that I had to call a mulligan. My life was so chaotic and out of whack that I didn’t even post this idea of having a re-do week to the blog. Ha! Yeah, it’s definitely not a good thing when you are hosting a healthy living challenge and you basically go on the lam for a week. Sorry.  Won’t happen again.

And because I was pretty much off the grid last week (aka California) I will give anyone a free pass that did not check in with me. I hope you all were able to take the last week and use it to revisit a goal or goals you have struggled with and hopefully had a bit more luck this time around. 

For me, I had to set a realistic goal giving the constraints of my schedule. I had aimed for a walking goal of 75,000 steps in week three and fell short. So, for  week four I aimed to hit this goal. The week is not over yet but I am confident I will reach this goal, even with a day filled with air travel and a long road trip this weekend.

That being said…I am sooooo ready for week 5.

Week five, for me, is all about pushing myself to get back to the basics and focus on the four things that are most meaningful to me…whole foods (particularly the plant-based whole foods diet I thrive on), hydration (less beer and coffee, lots more water), activity (yay! Back to the gym, finally) and mindfulness (in both my eating habits and how I treat myself- I need lots of self-care this week).

I call it the WHAM (whole foods, hydration, activity, mindfulness) challenge.

For week five set your goals around one or more or all of these ideals.  Try to set attainable goals while at the same time trying to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Mine  goals are:

·        Make my own meals, based off of whole foods, 80% of the time. This means if I eat 21 meals a week at least 17 should be home-cooked and whole-foods based.

·        Hydration- water and tea are my drinks of choice this week. I will allow myself one cup of coffee three times(Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and beer only on the weekend
·        Activity- gym/track at least three days and hit 80,000 steps for the week

·        Mindfulness- follow my hunger scale, make mindful choices regarding food, relax, rest and recover from a crazy travel week. Do something just for me. Maybe a massage or sleeping in on the weekend.

I am already so pumped for week five. Having this post written and my goals laid out make me excited and super hopeful. Hope you are all having a great week – I look forward to hearing all about it.

Love and hugs-