Friday, December 27, 2013

My New Year's 'Resolutions'...

This year, I am choosing to stray from the standard fare resolution. No more big, year long goals or proclamations for me. Not for 2014 at least.

I mean, yes, I am sure there will be some things that will continue to be a resolution for me; year in and year out, like staying active and focused on a healthy me. Those won't ever go away.

But this year, thanks to friends who turned me onto this idea, I wanted to try something different.

This year is all about actions. This year is all about making the life I want. A good, happy, fun life. A life that allows me to grow and become a better person. A life that allows me to be active and adventurous. A life that knows no limits.

So instead of resolutions I will be doing 52 individual weekly challenges/actions. I created a list of things I want to do this year; all of which can be done with little or no advanced planning.  I will write them each on a notecard, place them in a bowl/jar (apparatus TBD) and then each week I will select one and complete it at some point over the following seven days, then a week later pick another.

Sounds easy enough, right?

My hopes are that it will help keep me focused throughout the year on what I really want from 2014; excitement, adventure, love, happiness, and fun. And of course, lots of laughter- once I am able to laugh again.

So, without further ado here is my list for 2014

1.     Cook a new Indian dish
2.     Take a long walk on the beach
3.     Watch Life is Beautiful (or other favorite movie) again
4.     Ride my bike
5.     Dance under the stars
6.     Cut my hair
7.     Try a new activity
8.     Donate unused clothes/household goods
9.     Buy someone a coffee
10. Go to a comedy club

11.  Play Italian cards
12.  Write a thank you note
13.  Tell someone I love them
14.   Go to a sporting event

15.  Create something
16.  Donate to charity
17.  Spend a day inside, relaxing
18.  Spend a day outside, being active
19.  Go on an adventure
20.  Go someplace new
21.  Get dirty
22.  Bake cookies to bring to work
23.  Buy something just for me
24.  Buy something for someone else, just because
25.  Climb the rock wall at UWF
26.  See how many numbers of Pi I can memorize
27.  Watch a documentary
28.  Send my mom flowers
29.  Take a friend out for dinner/drinks/a show
30.  Go to the Pensacola Art Museum
31.  Try a new food/restaurant
32.  Make soup in the Vitamix
33.  Go to a brewery/pub crawl

34.  Listen to live music
35.  Send someone a postcard
36.  Meditate
37.  Create a new recipe
38.  Jump rope
39.  Wash my car
40.  Leave someone a love note
41.  Go ice skating
42.  Take the dogs to the park
43.  Read a magazine
44.  Take a bubble bath
45.  Get a massage
46.  Spend a day with loved ones
47.  Watch a scary movie
48.  Plan a night out (date night, girls night, etc) and dress up
49.  Go out dancing/take a dance lesson
50.  Watch the first Lord of the Rings movie
51.  Spend a day electronics-free
52.  Call a friend

There it is folks, my to-do list for 2014! Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I am pretty excited to get started!

What about you? Will you be making any resolutions, goals or plans for the New Year?

Love and big celebratory hugs,