Thursday, December 26, 2013

Before and 'After' Surgery Pics

I think it goes without saying that the pics I am posting are a bit graphic in nature. These are some pre and post surgery pictures and some may be a bit gruesome, especially since I still have stitches and bruising. So, please, if you are the least bit squeamish I will advise you to skip today's post and come back in a week or two when I post better pictures :)

But first, here is a happy photo to start things off…

Christmas Eve… I actually was up and dressed in 'normal' clothes! 

Pre-surgery; Monday December 16th

Pre-surgery; December 17th- after the markings 

The top section has arrows pointing down, this is the skin that will be stretched down and stitched to the bottom incision line (pictured below) from hip to hip 

The thick black line represents the portion that will be removed completely. I think he called it my 'skin paddle'  

 Thick black line along the bottom is the incision line; where my external stitches are now

This is the after of losing 130 pounds…lots and lots of excess skin

Christmas Eve; six days post op

 The thing around my mid-section is my binder. I have to wear it for a couple more weeks. It sucks. It's super tight, rigid, and makes it hard for me to breath and move around. Fun, fun...
Don't ask me why I'm covering my breasts while I am wearing a bra…who knows... 

You can see the white tape over the stitches and faintly see the stitches around my belly button. This is MY belly button, not a new one. I am super happy I got to keep it :) 

I will be swollen for another 3 weeks or so but the doc says I won't really look 'normal' for another 6 months to a year…it takes a long time for this all to heal internally and externally. You can also tell that I cannot stand up straight yet. One day, hopefully soon. 

I know I am super swollen because my waist is 4 inches bigger than it was pre-surgery. I am 100% ok with that, it's to be expected. I am not even stepping on a scale for another month or so. Why bother?  

Even though I look and feel like a sausage ready to burst I cannot believe the difference!  

Side by side… doc says he removed about 3-5 pounds of skin which is a lot of skin. Skin isn't dense like fat or muscle. It takes a whole lot of skin to make up 3 pounds! I think that picture says it all!

So far the recovery has gone pretty well. I have had some rough patches but that, of course, is to be expected. There are times when I feel like it has been easier than I thought it would be and times it felt like pure hell. I know in the end, it will be worth it. Next Monday, the stitches come out and I will be sure to post more pictures. Thank you all so much for your love and support. It's been a bit overwhelming at times. Not really sure what I did to deserve such an amazing life filled with the most amazing people but I am so happy to have you all be a part of it. Hopefully I didn't gross you out too much. 

Happy Holidays my lovely friends!

Love and hugs,