Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Every Wednesday my blogroll is pretty much filled with WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) posts. I love them. However, I don’t think I will ever be joining in. The food I eat is neither exciting nor glamorous. I cook most of it ahead of time and rarely do I take any pictures of the foods I am eating. Well, rarely in comparison to people who are food bloggers. So today I am starting WDDW- What Dacia Does on Wednesday….for lack of a better name.  Not sure if I will do this weekly but today, with everything going on in remembrance of 9/11 and my uncle in a hospital having surgery, I kind of wanted to keep this post light.

Not to play down the events that are going on but because light is about all my mind can handle today.

So, today:

I went to the gym and tested my mental fortitude by trying to kill my already tired legs.

2.06 miles of hill intervals on the treadmill, 2.55 miles of the crosstraining 2 program on the crossramp machine. I always forget why I don’t like the crosstraining program until after I am a quarter of the way into my workout and it tells me to pedal backwards…ugh, 15 minutes of pedaling backwards- definitely not the highlight of my morning. Lol!

However, jamming out for an hour at the gym to my favorite music was a definite highlight. I told you about my yoga instructor that says ‘this is my jam’ when referring to her favorite poses, right? I think of her now every time one of my favorite songs comes on.  Some of my jams…

Simple Song- the Shins and Breezeblocks- Alt-J are my favorite warm up songs. The perfect way to ease into a workout/walk/run/waking up…

Pompeii- Bastille

Zombie- the Antique Toys (I love hearing Feed Me, I’m Cranky on a regular basis)

Miracle Mile- Cold War Kids

Ways to Go- Grouplove

Harlem- New Politics

If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t on the Dancefloor)- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Hurricane- MS MR

Royals- Lorde


Trying to be Cool- Phoenix

Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys

Thunder Clatter- Wild Cub This is Paul’s jam so it always makes me think of him when I hear it

Best Day of My Life- American Authors This is my current theme song- I hear this song all the time and it always makes me smile and brightens my day. If you have 4 minutes you should give it a listen

Today I made (well, me and/or Paul made) all the meals I will be having. Even though I will be at work/school until 9p I am not using it as an excuse to eat crap. I took some extra time this morning, while I was eating some quinoa and steel cut oats, to pack up lunch AND dinner. Lunch is leftover quinoa chili (which Paul made for dinner Monday- thanks babe) and watermelon and dinner is a pb&j sammie, greek salad, and a plum. I also brought snacks with me too; a cripps pink apple, almonds, and some celery and carrots. I should be set for the day foodwise. It’s definitely not easy to sit through a 3 hour philosophy discussion on an empty stomach.

And speaking of school, today I get to conduct my first observation for my Qualitative Research class in between work and class (while I eat dinner…shhhh, don’t tell) in one of my favorite spots on campus- the second floor of the library. We have to conduct a series of documented observations for a project we are working on this semester. We were able to pick the location of our choice so I picked the library- busy yet quiet, air conditioned (a bonus when you live in FL) and it smells like books. Love!

After I complete my observation I get to mad dash across campus to make it to my 3 hour class/discussion for the other course I am taking; Educational Foundations: A Philosophical & Multicultural Analysis. Long title, lots of books, lots of discussions. Interesting topics which is a good thing for a 3 hour class on a Wednesday night.  Tonight we will be talking about two of the texts we are reading; Coming Apart: the State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray and Issues and Alternatives in Educational Philosophy by George R. Knight. I am really enjoying Coming Apart especially since Murray writes from the point of view that all of the major cultural and class changes in America, specifically white America, stemmed from the assassination of Kennedy.  I wasn’t alive in 1963 so learning more about the U.S. during that time, and really even the few decades after, is quite interesting.  My professor was deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement in the south in the 60’s which shows in the texts she has chosen for this class including her book Reflections of the 1965 Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

By the time I get home from school/work (one in the same) it will be 9p. Pretty much just enough time for me to get stuff together for Thursday morning (5:30a hot yoga), drink some kombucha, and give Paul and the furbabies a kiss goodnight. Looking over my day seems like I have/had a lot going on but it really doesn’t feel too bad. Lots of hours away from home but it goes by quickly which is a good thing. Plus I always feel like once I make it through today I’m in the home stretch- the rest of the week is smooth sailing.

What are you up to today? Happy the week is halfway over?