Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday- Around Town Part 2

Here you go fearless readers- more pics from around Pensacola. Thanks for coming back even after I inundated you with a gazillion pics in the last post. Can you tell that I am that person; the one always taking pictures everywhere we go? I am sure you can. In my defense, most of my Navy friends (well, really any local friends for that matter) will be moving on at some point, as will we, so I try to capture as many memories as I can.

Like getting soaked at a baseball game- that was cancelled after we sat there in the freezing cold for two hours.

Thankfully we got free hats...

 Three of my favorite people! Very sad that MG (in the middle) is leaving for TX in a few weeks :(

We did get to see an amazing sunset in the few rainless minutes...
What do you do when they cancel a game? Head to a brewery instead...
And then make your way to Krispy Kreme. I should note here that I had a small decaf coffee while I watched these three boys eat lots and lots of donuts. Damn boys and their speedy metabolism!

Someone was getting tired of all the!
Is there really a better way to spend a Saturday then by paying someone to throw colored conrstarch on you? I think not!
Before (me and Jodi from 13.1 Miles to Disney )


Jodi did a full race recap; you can read that here :)
Bayview Park for the Earth Day Festival

Birthday celebration

And new trail shoes....

Good times!