Monday, April 1, 2013

And This is What Comes Out...

I really can’t think of one topic I really want to write about in-depth right now. My head has just been filled with random thoughts lately so I guess I will share those.

·         I have another half marathon (my third) coming up next Sunday, 4/7, and I am excited and a bit nervous. My only goal for Sunday is to relax and enjoy a few hours of running along the beach. I didn’t get to dedicate the effort I needed to try to improve on my times so this one is just for fun. Well, I guess they are all for fun (for us non-elite runners) but you know what I mean

·         I added a few new songs to my running playlist in anticipation for the half. This playlist is an ever-evolving entity. I am constantly tweaking it. Currently it has 84 songs on it- far more than needed for a half marathon, even at my pace, but I love that I can just hit shuffle and let the music guide my run. Newest additions:

o   San Francisco- the Mowgli’s

o   Breezeblocks- Alt-J

o   Forever- Haim

·         I went kayaking for the first time ever just the other week and had the most amazing time. I cannot wait to do it again. I am hoping we can get in a kayaking/camping trip in the next few weeks. I am super lucky that the friends I have made in FL enjoy doing outdoorsy things.

·         And I am also super excited that they want to try new things too. Next Saturday, 4/13, four of us will be making the trek out to Blackwater State Park to participate in a 10k obstacle/trail run. None of us have ever done a race like this before and even though my group is made up of far more athletic and faster people than I (Paul and two other Naval Officers from flight school) they have all said that we are doing this together as a team and refuse to leave me behind. Which is awesome.

·         Speaking of trail runs- Paul and I did our first trail race this past Saturday. It was a 5K held on the cross country trails at the university where I work. Paul killed it in 22:25 and came in third in his age group, fifth overall.  Unfortunately they only gave out awards for 1st and 2nd place so he didn’t win anything. I think is the third race we’ve done together where he placed in the top three. He’s freaking amazing. 22 minutes for a 5k TRAIL RUN. Ridiculous. I came in just over 11 minutes behind him at 33:58 and was pretty happy with my time. Especially for my first trail race J

·         My friend Blogging Molly is currently fundraising for her Marine Corps Historic Half/Team Fisher House which supports the Fisher House program- supporting military families in their time of need. It is a great charity- one that is desperately needed- and I try to support them whenever I can be it doing volunteer work at the Fisher House at Fort Sam while we lived there or through donations. Molly also has a really awesome giveaway linked to her fundraising so please stop by and check it out if for no other reason to learn more about Fisher House.

·         I had a really nice weekend/Easter Sunday spent with Paul and friends. It is always hard to be away from family, especially on the holidays, but I am thankful that I got to spend this one with others. It was also nice to have friends over that are new to the military. I kind of feel that part of my role as a military spouse is to not only provide a loving and supportive home for my spouse but also to make it warm and welcoming to others in the military so they never feel like they are alone. I know how tough that can be, especially the first holiday away from family.

·         Well, I did it. I finally broke down and ate meat. After a year and a half of being vegan I finally met my match- Easter ham. I used to love ham and pretty much requested it for every holiday meal. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that just having a ham cooking in the house would have been crippling to my vegan defenses. Apparently ham is my kryptonite. I caved. I ate the ham. And it was glorious. So good, in fact, that I am now on an all-the-ham-you-can-eat diet.


Ha Ha Ha

April Fools

Still a vegan- I didn’t eat any ham. Although I cannot deny that it didn’t smell really good.

Did you think I was for real with that or did you see right through my little hoax?