Sunday, January 13, 2013

3M Half Marathon: Video Recap

Here is my very long (sorry, almost 17 minutes) video recap of the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, TX which took place today- January 13, 2013. Please note that with about a minute left Ruby starts barking and it's loud so I apologize. Don't turn the volume up too high or you might end up with ruptured eardrums ;)

Also, I wanted to include my mile times from my Garmin but I had some issues uploading it so I will just manually type it out. I only checked it a few times during the race and just now went through each mile- I was pretty surprised with what I saw. Especially since I stopped at every water stop, took breaks when I ate my gels, and that I walked every time there was an uphill section. I could not believe how well today went.

Mile 1: 10:34
Mile 2: 10:28
Mile 3: 10:55
Mile 4: 11:09
Mile 5: 11:01
Mile 6: 12:06 (this includes my stopping/gel break)
Mile 7: 11:29
Mile 8: 11:51
Mile 9: 12:39 (another gel break)
Mile 10: 12:54 (this begins the walking segments)
Mile 11: 12:45
Mile 12: 12:58
Mile 13: 13:10
Plus 5 minutes and 24 second for .40 mile. I forgot to turn my watch off until after I took the photo at the end of the tunnel. Whoops.

My official times from the 3M site are 01:09:53 for the 10K split and 02:38:17 for the half! Yay!

My next goal is sub-2:30 which if there were no hills I totally think I would have been close to hitting today. No worries. Now I have something else to focus on in my training.

This is the post race picture I mention in the video. Don't you love my red face?