Wednesday, January 9, 2013

35 in 35!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 35 and as a way to celebrate this great year that is upon me I have created a list of 35 things I hope to accomplish over the next twelve months.

Running Goals

1. Run 12 races in 12 months 
2. Run in 3 different states
3. Finish a race hand in hand with Paul (optimally I would be running his pace, not the other way around)
4. Sub-30 minute 5K- current best time is 30:26
5. Sub-60 minute 10K- I have only completed one 10K and my time was 01:11:05 
6. Complete (and PR) a half marathon
7. Complete a full marathon
8. Log 750 running miles
9. Run a trail or beach race 
10. Join a running or training group

Cycling Goals

11. Attend a spin class
12. Participate in 25 group rides
13. Complete a 50 miler
14. Complete a 100K ride
15. Log 500 miles on the bike
16. Join a cycling group

Other Fitness-Related Goals

17. Attend a yoga class
18. Attend a pilates class
19. Attend a boxing class
20. Attend a Nia class
21. Attend a dance class
22. Take swimming lessons

Health Goals

23. Plant-strong for another year
24. Achieve a body fat percentage between 20-22%
25. Attend body composition and nutrition analysis through MWR
26. Complete an annual physical

Life Goals

27. Visit my parents
28. Buy my best friend a coffee (or glass of wine) and enjoy it with her
29. Meet a social media friend in real life
30. Make a new friend
31. Publish 100 blog posts
32. Read 12 books
33. Join a social group/club
34. Find a job that isn't 'work'
35. Learn a new hobby or skill

I have to admit, this list makes me really excited for this year. What a fabulous way to celebrate growing older. Maybe this is what they mean by growing old gracefully! 

I'm also going to create a page for this list and update it monthly so please check back and see how I'm doing.