Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Louisiana Marathon Race Weekend Recap

Last weekend Erick, Gordie and I headed to Baton Rouge for the Louisiana Marathon Race Weekend. The event offers four races- a 5K and quarter marathon option on Saturday and a half and full marathon on Sunday- plus a kids race. I could write a book about how amazing this race/weekend/event is.

From start to finish we all had an amazing time, Gordie included. Not only is the race course beautiful but the after party is by far the best I've seen. They even had a 'vegan village' where I immediately went and ate all the food! It was fantastic. One of our favorite beers, Abita, was the sponsor so you know we really enjoyed hanging out afterwards. I cannot stress it enough that everything about this race is awesome. I loved the expo. The race website is amazing. It even gives adresses/crossroads for each mile marker which is super helpful for spectators. The crowd support was fantastic- I stopped at the mimosa stop around mile 2.5 and enjoyed a little drink. I did, however, skip the tequila and bourbon shots offered and the doughnuts. The race course itself is lovely- you run around lakes on streets lined with giant oak trees and you also run through LSU's campus- right past Tiger stadium.

The Saturday events are dog friendly and next year I plan on having Gordie run with me. This year, after hearing the announcer during the 5K be super excited about the dogs on the course I decided to take Gordie with me across the finish line at the half. The announcer and the fans loved it. I grabbed Gordie about a block and a half from the finish (Erick and I had planned to do this) and we ran (after Gordie stopped trying to rip off my race bib) across the finish together. It was so awesome!

I also got to see my friend and Fitblogger Angela, from We Beat Fat, and her husband Willie. I met up with them Saturday and saw them before and after the 5K (which Angela PR'd) and then on Sunday morning I didn't see them anywhere around the start. Luckily for me I ran into Willie around mile 8 and he let me tag along with him for the last 5 miles. I tried not to talk his ear off, as I tend to do, and not ruin his race. He also didn't mind crossing the finish line with Gordie either so that was great. Erick and I grabbed some food and a couple of beers then headed back to the finish line to meet up with Willie so we could watch for Angela who was running the full. Angela PR's her marathon time which was awesome to see happen. That girl is a beast- she ran three marathons in three weeks and still managed to PR the last one. Amazing!

After we said our goodbyes, Erick and I headed back to the hotel and enjoyed the rest of the day just relaxing (and doing homework) in Baton Rouge. It was a perfect weekend start to finish and I will definitely be going back next year!

It was super cold at the start of the 5K...

I took so many pictures during the least 50. It was awesome! 

 Mimosa station! 

 All the bling!

and all the food!
Love and hugs,