Monday, August 11, 2014


What? It’s been four weeks already? How did that happen???

This summer has flown by…but that’s a whole other topic for another day.

I just now realized that today is the LAST DAY of my fourweek personal challenge. Of course, I didn’t realize it this morning and so I have no photo of the goal sheet on my fridge so I am just going to save the full recap for tomorrow.

I will say this, I am pretty pleased with how I did over that last four weeks. It felt good setting and sticking to some goals. And my favorite parts, of course, were the ones set around having fun. It’s all about balance, people. And as much as I need to try to focus on being active and limiting my drinking during the week and not obsess over a scale it is equally important to put myself out there, have some fun, go on some crazy adventures, and celebrate this amazing life.

And I can honestly say that over the past four weeks I did all of that. I found a pretty good balance. And it was awesome!

So, tomorrow….I’m coming back with my official progress update AND another set of four week goals. Because, why not?

Until then…here are some photo highlights from the last four weeks.

Exploring Ft. Pickens!

Beach Day

Kayaking...try not to look too happy, E!

Our minis, making a wish!

Bike ride around Orange Beach, AL

My favorite bike, stationed at the front door- ready to go!

New shoes!

The minis love beer, just like us ;)

Snuggling before a nighttime tour of the lighthouse...

Best 5K time for stop, a new PR!

Also, just before I hit publish I found out I got an A on my final paper for my Social Reform class. That gives me an A for the semester. Add that to my A in my Stats 2 class and BOOM! 4.0 baby!

Love and hugs,