Thursday, December 6, 2012


According to my training schedule I should have done a 5 mile tempo run this morning. Unfortunately, I hit snooze one too many times and I knew there was no way I could get in 5 miles before work. So I opted for plan B. Always have a plan B.
After yesterday’s run I had thought I should probably hit the treadmill today. I had read that running on uneven surfaces and lots of turns/corners is the worst thing to do for an adductor injury and my normal 5 mile route is filled with both. Also, side note, 46 turns during the RnR half. Forty-Six! No wonder my leg went out during the half. Anywho, even though I despise the treadmill I know it is probably the best thing for me as far as recovery goes. And of course when I woke up it was raining which just reaffirmed that it would be a treadmill day for me regardless.
Since I knew I couldn’t get in 5 miles on the treadmill time wise (and I was actually kind of happy about that since running at one speed on a treadmill puts me to sleep) I opted for a different routine. Yesterday Melissa from the Daily Mel Blog (@TheDailyMel) posted an article link on FB to a treadmill workout used at the Biggest Loser Resort and since that was fresh in my mind I opted to give it a try. The routine is called ‘treading’ and here is how it works:
·         5 minute warm-up
·         5 minutes as hard as you can go
·         5 minute recovery 
·         4 minutes as hard as you can go
·         4 minute recovery
·         3 minutes as hard as you can go
·         3 minute recovery
·         2 minutes as hard as you can go
·         2 minute recovery
·         1 minute as hard as you can go
·         1 minute recovery 
·         5 minute cool down
Read more about it here
This is what I ended up doing:
·         5 minute warm up: 30 sec @ 2mph, 30 sec @2.5 mph, 1 min @ 3.1mph, 1 min @ 4mph , 1 min @ 5mph
·         5 min run @ 6mph
·         5 min recover @ 4mph
·         4 min run @ 6.3 mph
·         4 min recover @ 4mph
·         3 min run @ 6.6 mph
·         3 min recover @ 4 mph
·         2 min run @ 6.8 mph
·         2 min recover @ 4mph
·         1 min run @ 7mph
·         1 min recover @ 4mph
·         5 minute cool down; 2 min @ 5.1 mph, 1 min @ 4mph, 1 @ 3.5mph, 1 @ 3mph decreasing down to 2 mph
Total time 40 minutes, total distance 3.25 miles which isn’t too bad since half the time was spent walking
The routine was good; it kept my mind engaged and it went by pretty fast. I think doing this on the treadmill was easier on my body since it was on an even surface. I was able to push myself faster, and for longer, than I was when I did intervals on Tuesday outside so that’s a good sign, right?
I am thinking I will use this routine as my speed work once a week for the time being. I also plan on doing my hill work on the treadmill too (for now at least) but I still plan on doing slow/easy paced runs outside. I’m not sure if I will try to do my tempo runs on the treadmill or outside but since I don't have another one on the schedule for 2 weeks I will decide what to do about it then.
Do you run on a treadmill? How do you keep engaged and excited while doing so? Any tips?
“The past does not define, you the present does.” ~ Jillian Michaels