Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Checking In

First off, can I just say really? Really? It’s December freaking 4th! When did that happen? Christmas is a mere 21 days away and Hanukkah starts this weekend. Crazy! I am thinking I should probably buy some Christmas cards soon, huh? This time of year is always so crazy-fewer work days but the same amount of work. How is anyone supposed to relax?
Well, I don’t really have too much new to report. Last week I went to three barre classes; Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and I ran four times; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Well technically I ran five times because on Sunday I ran four miles on my own and then a few hours later took part in the Color Me Rad 5K which I jogged (when we could- it was kind of a cluster) with friends. I also got in a short bike ride to/from Saturday’s barre class, a Thai yoga therapy session and attended a Journey Dance class lead by Toni Bergens (founder/creator) herself which was absolutely amazing. It was a busy but fun week.
My running is getting better. I think I am almost back to 100%. This morning’s run (intervals) proved to me I am not quite there yet though. On Sunday, when I did my four miles, I ran the all uphill mile (mile 3) in my best time to date. I think it was 11:44- my first sub-12 min/mile for that one. It was a big achievement for me since I have ran that route quite frequently since we moved to our new place back in September. It may seem like a small victory but after the last month I’ve had it’s the equivalent of moving mountains.
Barre classes are going well too. I like them. They are challenging. They show me how little core and upper body strength I really have which just goes to reaffirm my need to be in a class like that. The class itself is good, the workout is pretty intense but the people there aren’t really welcoming. It’s very weird to feel completely isolated in a room full of people. It’s the first time I have participated in a group class and felt so awkward. But I know that class will really help me strengthen and tone- two things I am in desperate need of- so I will push through.
Since I am taking Saturday barre classes I had to move my long run day to Sundays which means missing out on my Sunday morning group bike ride. This stinks not only because I love to ride but because I love spending the morning with the group. Everyone is super friendly and talkative- it is a very social ride. This past Sunday I timed my run so that I ended up at the meet up spot at 7a so I could say hello to everyone. It was nice seeing them, even if they did make me feel guilty about missing out on the ride. I saw something posted on FB from the San Antonio Bikes group that they are doing a ride this Saturday- a tour of the San Antonio Cultural Arts Westside Murals. It doesn’t start until 11a so I can do both the barre class and the bike tour so I am super excited about that.
I realized that since I will be spending most of my active hours running (alone) or at barre class (feels like I’m alone) and I spend my workday at a desk, on a computer, with very little interaction with others, that it is important to me that I make time for things like group bike rides or Journey Dance/Nia classes where I can be both active and social. If I don’t I could literally spend a whole weekend talking to only my dogs, and Paul/my parents when they call, which is kind of weird.
I guess for me finding my balance includes finding ways to be active socially. Or socially active. One of the two. It would be great if I could find a running partner or group for my long runs. Yeah, I think finding a Sunday morning running group would be great. If you know of any in the greater San Antonio area let me know.
For now, I will just continue on with my half marathon training plan, for 3M in January, and try to build up some muscle strength to help get me ready. I have the SARR Mission 10-Miler coming up on 12/15 and that will really be a good test as to whether or not I can do the 3M half. Fingers crossed. I am so ready to be 100%, injury free again.
"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending" ~ Carl Bard
Some pics from Color Me Rad. If you have the opportunity to do a color run I highly recommend it. Super fun!