Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WW Weekly Weigh-In: Week 7 Recap

So here is a quick (for this blog at least) recap of week 7. I am really going to try and keep up at least these weekly posts, if not more, between now and the wedding but I make no guarantees.

Last week my plan was:

Track every day

Finish Cize week 4

Log 85K (or more) steps

Train with M for the kids marathon

Sunday evening – Saturday morning no eating out (except birthday cupcake)

No drinking until after dress fitting

I am happy to report I met each and every goal set. I tracked every day, finished up Cize (which was so super fun) and racked up 90 APs for the week, logged over 90K steps, trained with M, did not eat out during the week (except for the birthday cupcake), and did not drink until after the dress fitting.

Cize 4 week before and after side by side photos 

Step count for the week :)

And you know my goal was to be at or below 172 for the dress fitting and I am happy to report I was.  Week 7 saw a 2.2 pound loss and brought me back into the 160’s when I weighed in at 169.8 Saturday morning. I was a couple pounds below my goal weight (the weight I was at when I purchased my wedding dress) and man was I thankful. The dress fit perfectly. Aside from the hem for the length and the bustle I didn’t need any alterations. That made me quite happy to not feel like a stuffed sausage in my dress. I cannot wait for the big day just 6.5 weeks away!!!

Wedding dress sneak peek...LOL ;)

Of course, you probably guessed that the minute that dress fitting was over I hit Chipotle, then World of Beers Destin, and then later World of Beers Pensacola, then had dinner out at our favorite vegan spot, then had lunch out the next day plus leftovers from dinner the day before for dinner on Sunday. So yeah – I ate out 3 times in one weekend, 4 if you count having leftovers for a second dinner. It happens.

So far this week I have been trying to recover from an indulgent weekend. I did end up grabbing dinner out last night at Panera and a flight and a snifter of beer from WoB for their release of Funky Buddha which is finally being sold in North Florida- but both were planned. This beer loving girl could not resist being there for release night. We went to the brewery in December and I loved it. It is a family favorite for E since his sister and BIL live/work right near there. If you can get your hands on it I highly recommend their coconut porter- Last Snow. Probably my favorite porter. I think they just bumped Mystery Romp from Crooked Letter. It’s that good. Hoping I can snag some bottles of it for the wedding so if you are coming in October remind me to share some with you J

OK, so even though it is late and the week is half over I do want to share with you my goals for week 8. I made this plan up last Friday so I am putting thought into each week, even if it might not seem like it.

Week 8 Goals

Bike Rides with E (Sunday and Saturday)

Train with M for Pensacola kids marathon

Complete first week of HM training

Gym with Anna twice

Track every day (the good, bad, and the ugly)

Prep for yard sale weekend

Get some stuff off the wedding to-do list

Drink only Saturday and Tuesday

90K steps or more

I am on a 34 day tracking streak. I actually tracked every single day in August and I am super proud of myself for that. It’s been awhile since I have been so diligent with my tracking…which probably says something right there, huh? Not saying that mindful eating doesn’t work. It does, as long as I am actually being mindful and honest with myself about what and why I am eating. Until I get back to that place I will rely on tracking to keep me in check. Plus, I am a numbers person (it is actually my FT job) so I love the data I am compiling daily with tracking. And for those curious I am using both WW and MFP to track- the more data the better right now J

Ok, that’s about it. Until next week….

Love and hugs,